HUSQVARNA HiCut 64 (push) Lawnmower with grass collector case

Sale price€199,00


Eco Friendly , just pure muscle power , great for getting some excercise.

HiCut 64 is a manual lawn mower designed to be easy to use even in tall grass.

It features adjustable cutting height up to 56 mm and can be used with a collector.

Perfect for lawns that are not cut frequently.

Drive system
500 m²
Working area capacity (±20)
40 cm
Cutting width


Extra hardened reel blade and bedknife

For excellent cutting performance and maximum durability.

Infinite cutting height adjustment

Very easy to push even in tall grass. Perfect for lawns that aren’t cut frequently. Simple fingertip cutting height adjustment up to 55 mm.

Sturdy wheels

Durable, easily rolled wheels.

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