HECHT Petrol sweep machine - HECHT 8680 SE with collector box

Sale price€1.699,00



Simple and quick conversion to a snow blower, snow thrower and back for a broom with dirt collection

Very easy to use quality powerful engine and robust simple construction

Easy adjustment of the brush to the left, center and right

4 speeds forward / 2 speeds reverse gearbox

Year-round use including snow removal

Modern LED light for all-day use even in the winter months

The swinging brush sweeps perfectly even on uneven surfaces and does not scratch the surface

Powerful and reliable Hecht engine with excellent starting even at low temperatures

The HECHT 8680 SE motorized rotary brush is a multifunctional device that can handle all cleaning of sidewalks, paths and other areas around your house all year round. Thanks to the ingeniously simple accessory change system, you can turn it from a brush into a full-fledged snow blower in one minute. With the Hecht OHV engine with a nominal output of 3.6 kW in combination with relatively large wheels with a tread pattern, it has excellent off-road permeability; in the event of poor passability the wheels can also be supplemented with snow chains in winter conditions. Four speeds are available for forward travel, two speeds for reverse travel. With the rotary brush fitted, the machine has a working width of 80 cm. For sweeping in hard-to-reach corners the directional tilt of the brush can be controlled directly from the operator's position.


Optional accessories

Snow blower for HECHT 8616 SE As an optional accessory, it is possible to purchase a full-fledged two-stage snow blower, which can also handle compacted snow. This cutter does not lack anything that conventional two-stage snow blowers have, it is equipped with a durable steel bunker, a high-quality toothed steel auger, but also a rotating steel chimney controlled directly from the operator's position. Adjustable gliders are a matter of course with HECHT two-stage snow blowers. However, what you will not find with a conventional snow blower is the possibility of changing the tool. Thanks to the adjustable glides, you don't have to worry about using the cutter even on interlocking paving, when set correctly, the cutter blades always move just above the surface and there is no risk of any damage. In addition, the gliders are made of durable plastic, so the paving will never come into contact with metal parts that could leave scratches or traces of rust on it.



Weight (kg) 80
Working width (cm) 80
Displacement (cm3) 196
Gearbox - forward 4
Gearbox - reverse 2

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