Oleo-Mac GST 250 Carving

Sale price€589,00


  • Power/Displacement 1.3 HP - 1.0 kW/25.4 cc
  • Bar length (nose) 25 cm, 10'', (sprocket/carving)
  • Dry weight without bar and chain 2.7 Kg


The new GST 250 pruning chainsaw is the perfect tool for all professional jobs. Reliable and suitable for an array of tasks, such as cutting at awkward angles and lopping in unusual positions (with the machine tilted
or upside-down).

The new chainsaw offers an excellent combination of lightness, cutting power and flexibility of use. It is the ideal tool for all plant pruning jobs (fruit and olive trees in particular).

Engineering developments, improvements and several new features make this chainsaw:
- reliable
- sturdily-built
- easy to maintain
- light in all types of operating conditions.

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