Oleo-Mac GS 440 (Euro 2)

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Designed to satisfy a wide range of users from demanding home gardeners requiring a tool for frequent use, to farmers and professional contractors. It's compactness, versatility and good power-to-weight ratio ensure excellent cutting performance for any use, from limbing and pruning to cutting medium sized trunks. See features below.

  • Illustrated step-by-step start up instructions on the machine body ensure quick and safe starting even for less expert users.
  • Piston with 2 elastic rings, forged and machined steel shaft and connecting rod, needle bearings, nickel-plated cylinder: constant level of efficiency over time, even in tough operating conditions.
  • Digital coil with electronic control: variable ignition advance allows for a reduction of the rate at which fuel is burned, making the machine easier to start.
  • Adjustable aluminium oiler facilitates the task of the operator by allowing variation of the oil feed to suit the workload on the machine and the bar/chain combination.
  • Zero oil flow with the engine at idling speed ensures lower consumption and reduced impact on the environment.
  • On/off switch, choke and half throttle control incorporated into a single multi function lever guaranteeing practical and simple operation.
  • Lateral chain tensioner simplifies tensioning adjustments while avoiding any risk of contact with the chain.
  • Available in burn right version, which complies with euro 2 emission standards.