Goldcrop Perennial Wildflower Mix

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A flower mix designed to give colour all season long. The slow growing grass does not compete with the flowers and gives good ground cover to prevent invasive weeds establishing in the ‘meadow’.

20% flower, 80% ornamental grass seed.

Contains both annual and perennial flower seeds.



Agrimony 0.6%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 1.6%, Bladder Campion 0.4%, Common Buttercup 0.2%, Common Mallow 0.4%, Dropwort 0.6%, Meadow Rue 0.2%, Oxeye Daisy 0.4%, Red Campion 0.8%, Ribwort Plantain 1.6%, Salad Burnet 0.2%, Wild Marjoram 0.4%, Wood Sage 0.2%, Yarrow 1.0%, Vipers Buglos 0.8%, Black Medick 1.6%, Corn Chamomile 0.6%, Corn Cockle 1.6%, Corn Marigold 0.6%, Cornflower 3.0%, Poppy 2.6%, White Campion 0.4%, Wild Carrot 0.2%,


Chewings Fescue 20%, Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass 8%, Small Leaf Timothy 1.6%, Highland Bent Grass 6.4%, Red Fescue 16%, Meadow Fescue 12%, Yellow Oatgrass 1.6%, Tall Fescue 4.8%, Sheeps Fescue 9.6%


Available in a 200g pack which will cover 40m2.

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