Gardena Telecut Hedge Clipper

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The Telecut hedge trimmer has a variety of properties. Thanks to the telescopic handles you can increase the range by up to 20 cm. This saves you from having to stretch or climb a ladder. Even if it spreads, you will not lose an iota of the force it exerts. The blades are toothed to cut into large extensions with great efficiency.

Thanks to the sharpening ensures that the leaves and twigs do not slide during cutting, but are kept in the cutting area. It is also very comfortable if nothing sticks thanks to the non-stick coating of the blade.

In addition to its great functionalities, the TeleCut impresses with the sensations it transmits. ErgoTec handles are very ergonomic and provide a great grip. Its excellent cushioning prevents any resistance that may bother you, protecting your joints and your hands so that you do not get tired with prolonged work. This is also possible thanks to the low weight of the aluminium handles.

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