Gardena Robotic mower SILENO minimo, 500 m², robot lawnmower with Bluetooth®

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The SILENO minimo excels in precision & performance, making it ideal for small lawns

  • App controlled: The SILENO minimo 500 m² mower can be controlled from up to 10 m using the GARDENA Bluetooth® app
  • AI-precise: The lawnmower is a master of navigation, effortlessly manoeuvring through narrow spaces and tight corners
  • Silent: With an extremely low noise level, the SILENO minimo is the best in its class for quiet and efficient operation
  • Weather & terrain: The SILENO minimo works under all weather conditions, rain, or sunshine, on small and complex lawns
  • Included: 1 x GARDENA SILENO minimo 500 m², incl. 1 x charging station, incl. 1 x 150 m boundary cable, incl. 150 x hooks, incl. 4 x connectors, incl. 5 x connection clamps

The GARDENA SILENO minimo robotic lawnmower with Bluetooth® control simplifies lawn mowing in smaller gardens with an area of up to 500 m².

Automatic lawn mowing via app

Get started effortlessly! Simply grab your smartphone, access the GARDENA Bluetooth® App and enter lawn details, mowing preferences and start times. The app guides you seamlessly through the set-up process. The robotic lawnmower efficiently organises a schedule that makes lawn care a breeze. Enjoy the simplicity of mowing with your intelligently managed lawn!

Precise and reliable

Precision in every corner! The advanced CorridorCut technology expertly guides the robot mower through narrow spaces and tight corners, effortlessly mowing between boundary wires with a width of just 60 centimetres. No dead end is too difficult for CorridorCut, as it skilfully navigates your robot mower out of tricky spots. Guided by SensorControl, the intelligent robot assesses your lawn's needs and determines the ideal frequency for cutting based on grass growth.


Enjoy quiet moments in the garden with the SILENO minimo, which has the lowest noise level in its class at just 57 dB(A) thanks to its exceptionally quiet motor. Embrace peaceful coexistence with your neighbours as this mower operates quietly, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the garden even when the robot is in action.

Suitable for all weather conditions

Introducing SILENO minimo, a dedicated automatic weather and terrain hard worker that fearlessly takes care of your lawn in all weathers, rain or shine. This intelligent robotic lawnmower goes the extra mile by detecting frozen or frosty ground conditions and intelligently pausing its programme until it thaws, ensuring optimum mowing performance. Enjoy the convenience of effortless lawn care, safe in the knowledge that the SILENO minimo adapts to the elements with precision and care.

Ideal for small and complex lawns

Discover the GARDENA SILENO minimo 500 m² robotic lawnmower - a versatile and intelligent garden helper for smaller lawns. This sleek and compact robotic lawnmower not only blends seamlessly into your outdoor space, but also takes your mowing experience to new heights. Say goodbye to the days of tedious lawn maintenance as this intelligent marvel takes over, ensuring that every inch of your lawn is meticulously maintained with quiet and discreet operation.


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