Gardena Lopper Telecut Long

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For cutting green branches on trees and shrubs, the TeleCut 650-900 B Pruning Lopper from GARDENA becomes your extended arm. Use the clever telescopic release to extend the handles up to 25 cm. This gives you the ability to reach branches further away and cut them with more power due to the increased leverage, which is a real help especially with thicker branches.

The light 1.3 kilograms weight of the loppers is due to the use of lightweight materials such as aluminium and the well-designed shape of the handles. The built-in stop buffer made of special plastic, contributes to working comfort, as shocks are reduced and the wrists are protected. The ErgoTec handles with their good ergonomics also adds to the comfortable cutting action.

They are equipped with a soft components stops the hands from slipping. The shears use the bypass cutting principle. This means the two ground blades slide past each other when cutting, leaving a precise and clean cut.

Therefore, it is the right cutting tool when cutting fresh wood. The blades are non-stick, reducing cutting friction and making plant care easier. With the TeleCut 650-900 B, you can rely on a quality product made in Germany that GARDENA provides a 25-year warranty for. Express your vision with precision. Easy to use, effective and durable cutting tools for creative gardeners.

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