Gardena EasyCut Hedge Clipper

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If you want to trim your hedge comfortably and extremely efficiently, the EasyCut from GARDENA will certainly come in handy. The high standard of the scissors is confirmed by a 25-year warranty. You experience the quality as soon as you pick up the hedge trimmer.

The ErgoTec handles lie perfectly in your hands thanks to their balanced shape and great ergonomics. In addition, the hedge trimmer has a soft buffer, which provides good cushioning and contributes to comfort. You will be impressed by the scissors' low weight, which is achieved through the use of highly durable fiber-reinforced plastic. The plastic handles provide a secure hold so that every cut counts.

The combination of all these functions allows you to work longer without getting tired. The innovatively designed serrated edge of the blades prevents branches or twigs from slipping off the blades.

The serrated edge provides a lot of efficiency, especially when working on larger surfaces. The EasyCut is a real all-rounder, regardless of whether you are pruning your hedge, pruning the leaves of a bush or cutting a branch.


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