Gardena Circular Sprinkler

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The GARDENA Classic Circular Sprinkler Samba is the ideal lawn sprinkler for an efficient garden irrigation. It is best suited for small and medium areas between 9 and 250 m² and has a maximum range between 3 and 18 m in diameter. The precision nozzle heads allow an even, puddle-free 360°-watering.

Thanks to the sprinkler sled, the garden sprinkler stands stable and safely during operation. Additionally, you can easily dispatch and operate the mobile sprinkler in another location. The sprinkler is compatible with the GARDENA Sprinkler Tripod 2075-20. This way, you can use the sprinkler as a high-level sprinkler to water high plants.

The Classic Circular Sprinkler Samba is a quality product made in Europe and is covered with five years of warranty by GARDENA.

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