Oleo-Mac G 48 TH Mulch

  • Engine Size: 135cc
  • Cutting Width: 18 Inch

This mechanically driven model is the right choice for larger areas and for rough, inaccessible or gently sloping ground. See features tab below.

  • Features one piece handle and ball bearing wheels for smoother operation.
  • A lever allows adjustment of the centrally controlled cutting height to suit specific requirements.
  • Equipped as standard with a mulching blade thats chops up clippings into fine fragments, reducing their volume inside the 60L catcher.
  • Machine is converted to mulch only operation by closing off the rear duct with a special plug, available as an optional extra.
  • Really straightforward to install, this accessory also serves to distribute finely shredded grass cuttings over the lawn surface, dispensing with the need for collection and disposal.

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