Festool Freehand cutting system DSC-AG 125 FH-Plus GB 240V

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Items included DSC-AG 125 FH-PLUS GB 240V

  • extraction hood DCC-AG 125 FH
  • plate TP-DSC-AG 125 FH
  • Auxiliary handle VIBRASTOP

As flexible as an angle grinder: But without dust.

The ideal combination of a precise, handy angle grinder and efficient dust extraction. The dust-extraction attachment makes no compromises when it comes to cleanliness as dirt is extracted where it is produced. At the same time, thanks to its open design, the DSC AG 125 FH provides an unobstructed view when cutting, whether push-cutting or cutting close to the edge with the attachment open. Weighing less than three kilograms, you will notice how light it is to work with.

  • High suction power for dust-free cutting
  • Excellent view of the cutting point for precise, free cuts
  • Enables proximate work by opening the cover
  • Speed control for adapting to the working material