Festool Diamond cutting system DSC-AG 125 Plus-FS GB

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Items included DSC-AG 125 PLUS-FS GB

  • ALL-D125 Premium diamond cutting disc
  • extraction hood DCC-AG 125
  • guide rail FS 800/2

Precise cutting without dust.

The diamond cutting system with a cutting depth up to 27 mm. With this system dusty atmospheres during cutting and sanding work become a thing of the past. The harmful dust is reliably extracted, the user's health is protected thus enabling free view of the workpiece. Together with the matching accessories and the consumables the optimal solution for efficient, cleaner and precise work is created.

  • Cutting system with efficient dust extraction, protects health
  • Guide table with easy-running rollers for accurate guidance along the workpiece
  • Vision panel provides a clear view of the cutting line
  • Plunge cut function: start cutting at any point on the workpiece
  • Suitable for use with Festool guide rail for precision cutting