Festool Compressed air eccentric sander LEX 3 150/7


Items included LEX 3 150/7

  • MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 M8 sanding pad Ø 150 mm (soft W)
  • operation tool
  • in carton

Stops vibrations. Increases efficiency.

Stops vibrations, increases efficiency. With a 7 mm sanding stroke, the LEX 3 150/7 compressed air eccentric sander guarantees high material removal in a very short space of time, e.g. when coarse sanding flat surfaces and repair compounds in the four-step sanding process. It consumes less compressed air than any other in its class – up to 30% less. Weighing just 1 kg, with minimal vibration values, comfortably low noise levels, a robust and durable motor as well as extremely low compressed air consumption, it is suitable for both automotive applications and kitchen and furniture assembly – for the coarse sanding of wood, paint and varnish.

  • Low compressed air consumption ensures high cost savings
  • Low vibration levels and a pleasant operating noise protect the user's health
  • Extremely sturdy design ensures a long service life, minimal servicing requirements and high cost savings
  • Simplifies permanent dust extraction, guarantees the best working results and protects the user's health when combined with the IAS 3 light hose
  • High-quality FUSION-TEC sanding pad with MULTI-Jetstream principle ensures efficient dust extraction, minimises rework and saves on costs
  • Powerful 7 mm sanding stroke removes material quickly, ensures rapid working progress and saves time
  • Sanding pad brake reduces sanding errors when setting down the machine, thereby avoiding rework and additional costs
  • Note: an IAS 2/IAS 3 connecting system is required for operation

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