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Specially designed for use by trained arborists, top handle chainsaws are used when working off the ground and in trees.

*Users of top handle chainsaws are required to show an appropriate certificate of competence before purchasing any arborist chainsaw. Please contact your local EGO dealer for further information.

New for 2022. ‘Best in class’ power, performance and design. EGO’s arborist-specialist tool from the Professional-X range, the battery powered EGO CSX3000 Top Handle Chainsaw is designed to tackle the challenges of all-day professional use.

With industry-leading Arc-Lithium battery technology at its heart, the Top Handle Chainsaw provides unrivalled power, torque and chain speed, whilst benefitting from long run-times and fast recharge. And with no pull-chord, no need to run the tool in idle and no hot exhaust, switching to EGO Arc-Lithium power makes more sense than ever.

A unique Chain-Brake Safety System is a cutting edge combination of mechanical and electronic technology reducing the risk of injury, stopping the tool’s motor faster if kickback occurs.

Additional features on the tool make working at height even easier – the Battery-Level Indicator Light alerts you when 10% of battery power is left, while the visible Oil Indicator Light comes on when the tool needs a top up.

Suitable for every tree-top job with a range of chain bars available, from 12”- 16”, the EGO Top Handle Chainsaw makes the task in hand, easier, cleaner, quieter and safer.

Weight (kg) 3.5
Blade Length 30 cm
Chain Speed 20 m/s
Run Time(s) 2.5AH: up to 90 cuts / 4.0AH: up to 186 cuts / 5.0AH up to 265 cuts / 7.5AH up to 375 cuts
Bar Model AG1200
Chain Model AC1200
Chain Brake Yes
Chain Tensioning Side
Oil Reservoir Capacity 200 ml
Noise Rating 88 LpA / 98 LwA
Vibration 1.7/2.2 M/S
Weight (without battery) 3.5 kg
Motor Type Brushless
Battery and Charger Included 4.0Ah Battery & Rapid Charger

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