Daystar Val6 Diesel Blow Heater 60 000 Btu

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The Daystar provides perfect heating with its well honed technology for spot space heating in a large open area. The Daystar represents a new era of high efficiency ‘Oil fired’ space heating with 100% heat recovery from the oil burnt. It differs from the other heaters in the Val 6 range with its dual heating system of radiant heat and forced air heat. An ideal product which is portable and therefore can be used anywhere!


-Radiant heat which will penetrate evenly on all surfaces- just like sunlight.

-Ideal for outdoors unlike regular heaters, as it does not lose heat from wind and cold air.


-The Heat generated is unaffected by airflow and therefore creates a dust-free environment.

-Extremely advantageous as it spot heats areas, so only the needed area is heated.

-Portable weight so you can bring it anywhere with ease!

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