EGO CS1610E 40cm Chainsaw

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The outstanding combination of chain speed and torque provides you with the platform to deliver a great cut time and time again. The 40cm chain bar makes it possible to cut branches and logs up to 40cm (approximately 15”) in size. 

Lighter than its petrol-powered equivalent, the EGO 40cm battery chainsaw weighs only 4.1kg without the battery, and you can select which size battery you need for the task. This means you can carry on cutting without any unnecessary aches.

The chainsaw has automatic chain lubrication, and paired with the 150ml oil reservoir, you can keep the chain always spinning freely. When you need to re-tension your chain, simply twist the chain tension knob, and watch the chain return to its state of normal use.

When it comes to power, the CS1610E is compatible with any EGO 56V ARC Lithium battery. So, whether you already own an EGO battery, would like to purchase the kit version, or choose your own battery, you’re in control of the power you need. 

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