Stihl FS 50C - Bent shaft brushcutter

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Stihl FS 50 C-E Brushcutter

New generation light ergonomic brushcutter with STIHL ErgoStart for easy jerk free starting.  Ideal for tackling grassy areas around the garden or at the allotment.  Modern appearance, convenient operation and very simple starting procedure are the highlights of the new generation STIHL grass trimmer range.  The number of steps needed to start the machine has been drastically reduced.  The frustration of a flooded engine is virtually eliminated.  New 2-stroke engine with stratified charge allows fast accelaration, low emissions, reduced fuel consumption.  With bent shaft, loop handle and AutoCut mowing head ideally for trimming small areas of grass and around obstacles.  Ideal for edging as well as for small areas of grass.  The loop handle can easily be adjusted for comfortable operation without the use of tools.  


Stihl 2-Mix Reduced Emission Engine

Stihl 2-Mix Engine technology helps reduce emissions by using stratified charge. This creates a fuel-free layer of air between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and fresh charge in the crankcase, reducing the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle. This results in more power with a lower weight, with up to 20% lower fuel consumption than a regular 2-stroke engine and significantly reduces exhaust emissions. 

Simplified Starting System
With the FS 50 C-E, starting the machine could not be easier. Simply set the choke, pump the fuel primer, pull the starter recoil and that's it. The running machine then switches off after a brief press of the stop button. Once the machine is at a standstill, the ignition activates again automatically, thus the is ignition is always ready for starting.

Manual Fuel Pump (Purger) 
The small fuel pump feature delivers fuel the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of pulls needed to start the machine after an extended break in use.

Stihl ErgoStart
With Stihl ErgoStart, a coil spring betwen the starter cord and the crankshaft smooths out force peaks, resulting in the machine being able to start with just 1/3 of the normal force needed. 


Technical specifications Value
Displacement 27,2 cm³
Power output 0,8/1,1 kW/bhp
Weight 1) 4,4 kg
Sound pressure level with plastic tool 2) 93 dB(A)
Sound power level 2) 108 dB(A)
Vibration level, left/right with plastic tool 3) 6/5,7 m/s²
Total length 4) 145 cm
Cutting tool AutoCut Mowing head

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