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  • Ideal for compacting sand, trench, patching and so on with a belief that every product performs with excellence on every worksite. 


    -Every CIMAR Plate Compactors is tested before delivery. 

    -CIAMR promise to deliver products of high quality, low cost and excellent performance.

    -CPC-E60 is from CIMAR economical series. 

    -With CIMAR core technology, CPC-E60 is one of the most creditable products.

    -Our CPC-E60 CIMAR Plate Compactor is one of the most economical & reliable products in the CIMAR range c/w Honda GX160 U-Type engine. 

    -Compact design c/w folding handle makes transportation extremely easy. 

    -Heavy duty throttle Lever & frame 

    -Water tank 

    -Sealed Belt cover

    -Folding Handle

    -Straight edge plate design

    -Throttle Lever (Optional) – it is convenient for the throttle lever on the handle.

    -Frame – The save space designing that frame and hook in one is not only for protection, but also easy for transportation

    - Folded handle saves space and make this easier for transportation. 

    -Water tank (Optional)  – With the water tank, the machine can work on asphalt. An additional Lock feature prevents the water tank from being stolen.

    -Belt Cover – Engineering plastic belt cover prevents sand, soil and dust entering. This ensures the long life span of both the engine and the clutch.

    -Good quality shock absorber allows for absorption of vibration efficiency. This ensures the operators comfort. 

    -Wheels (Optional)- allow for easy transportation. 

    -Designed with Ductile iron base which makes it more durable and stronger.

    -Rubber Mat (Option) – Plate Compactor with Rubber Mat work for bricks. 
Model CPCE60
Weight (Kg) 65
Engine Type Honda GX160
Dimension L (mm) 1080
W (mm) 360
H (mm) 800
Plate Size L (mm) 500
Vibration Frequency Hz(vpm) 100(6000)
Centrifugal Force kN(kgf) 0.5(1100)
Max.Traveling Speed m/min 25
Limited Gradient % 36

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