EGO CHV1600E 1600W Multi-Port Charger

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Providing you with the power to charge up to six EGO batteries at the same time. For use directly with the CHU6000 multi-port charging case, or directly plug into the Z6 zero-turn ride-on mower to charge up to six EGO batteries at the same time.

Intelligent power management means that it’s able to locate the battery with the lowest charge first, to bring that up to the same level as the other batteries, and then it will charge them all at the same rate until full. The industry’s fastest charger, will fully charge 4 x 10Ah batteries in just 2 hours – that’s 4x faster than competitors.

The active cooling fan system supports rapid charging without overheating, and being wall mounted, the multi-port charger allows you to keep your shed or garage floor tidy, as it removes the need for you to run multiple chargers at one time. 

From the lightest 2.5Ah to the largest 12Ah in the range, as the batteries go up in size, so does the power capacity and run time. Any size battery fits in the Z6 or in the multi-port charging case, so depending on the capacity of the batteries you’re charging, the time to fully charge will vary.

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