Cecotec Window Cleaning Robot

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  • Conga WinDroid 990 Connected APP Control: you can have total control of cleaning from the palm of your hand.

  • iTech WinSquare: intelligent navigation, calculates the ideal route, detects the window limits and completely cleans the surface.

  • Square Design: It has a square design that helps clean edges and corners, perfect results autonomously.

  • Advance Clean 5: Cleans in 5 stages, moistens, rubs, removes dirt, wipes and dries. This technology helps to achieve a professional and effortless finish.

  • Smart Mopping Vibrator: The upper mop performs a constant back-and-forth movement, cleaning and removing the most difficult dirt.

  • ExtraPower Suction: powerful suction pump that keeps the robot attached to the glass with maximum safety.

  • 5 Clean Modes: 5 automatic cleaning modes, clean in any position: N, Z, Loop, Area and Manual. Loop Mode: cleaning mode with 10 passes through the same point, eliminates all the dirt on the glass.

  • Cleans all types of surfaces: glass, tiles, smooth surfaces and interior and exterior windows.

  • Comprehensive safety system: Uninterruptible power supply system, prevents the robot from falling to the ground when there is a power outage.

  • Anti-fall control algorithm: obstacle and frame detection.

  • Vacuum control sensors. Super-resistant safety suction cup rope.

  • SaveTime: Clean windows twice as fast. Reaches the most difficult corners.

  • AutoStop System: indicates and stops automatically when cleaning is complete. Eco-friendly: Reusable high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths.

  • Remote control, includes manual control of the robot. High cleaning speed and great suction power.

  • Silent cleaning. Practical handle for easy grip of the product, ergonomic power button. Includes specialized cleaning fluid.

  • Window cleaning robot, Power adapter, Remote control, 1 safety rope, 1 power cord, Instruction manual


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