Bruder 2592 Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer & Brown Horse

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The Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer & 1 Horse (Brown) combines fascinating off-road qualities with the timeless elegance of Land Rover's design. Apart from the engine bonnet, which provides a view of the detailed engine block, the rear and side doors can be opened, while both the rear bench seat and the drawbar coupling can be removed. This vehicle easily masters any terrain, with suspension on both axles. The front axle is steerable through an attachable rod extension that can be added through the sliding roof. The vehicle is also very attractive for fans of equestrian sports as it combines off-road capabilities and stylish design with the ability to hitch a horse trailer.


The horse trailer with horse has a moveable stand that is extended with a hand-operated crank, the side door opens, and in lowered position the tailgate has the function of a ramp.

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