BOSCHGWS 22-230 H Professional 230mm 2200 Watt Angle Grinder

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Bosch GWS 22-230 H Professional 230mm 2200 Watt Angle Grinder


Bosch GWS 22-230 230mm (9in) Angle Grinder with a powerful 2200Watt motor, for fast work progress and low weight for optimumhandling. The Anti-rotation protective guard reliably protects theuser if the grinding disc breaks and the restart protectionprevents the tool from automatically restarting after a powercut.

Powerful robust 2200 Watt grinder, just the thing for cutting the paving slabs on that patio you have always promised to build. With an excellent power to weight ratio and easy handling as the auxiliary handle has three possible positions. The motor windings are specially coated for effective protection against the dust produced when grinding. A rest is provided on the top of the body and gearbox to keep the machine stable when coasting to a stop, the bulletproof guard protects the user if a disc breaks whilst the spindle lock makes disc changing easy.

  • Powerful 2200 Watt champion motor for fast work progress
  • Low weight for optimum handling
  • Double-sealed ball bearings and the especially sturdy gearing guarantee a long lifetime
  • Armoured coils that protect the motor against sharp grinding dust ensure long lifetime
  • Triple-control safety switch
  • Revolving gear head enables optimised adaptation to every work situation
  • Bosch SDS quick-locking nut available as an accessory
  • Anti-rotation protective guard – reliably protects the user if the grinding disc breaks
  • Handle Type: Straight
  • Bore diameter: 22.23 mm
  • Maximum Disc Diameter: 230 mm
  • No-Load Speed: 6500 rpm
  • Power Input: 2200 Watt
  • Spindle Thread: M 14
  • Switch Type: Tri-Control
  • Vibration (Grinding): 7.5 m/s²
  • Vibration (Sanding): 3.5 m/s²
  • Vibration Uncertainty (Grinding): 1.5 m/s²
  • Vibration Uncertainty (Sanding): 1.5 m/s²
  • Length: 515 mm
  • Height: 140 mm
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Auxiliary handle
  • Backing flange
  • Locking nut
  • Protective guard
  • Tri-Control switch
  • Two-hole spanner

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