Bosch 8kg rotary hammer drill gbh8-45 240V

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BOSCH GBH8-45DV, SDS-MAX 8KG Rotary Hammer Drill - P-0611265060

All-round performer with Vibration Control in Bosch’s SDS max rotary hammer category.

In carrying case with auxiliary handle, Accessory.

Product Highlights

The GBH 8-45 DV Professional with Vibration Control is an all-round performer in the SDS max corded rotary hammer category due to its universal capabilities. Its perfect power-to-weight ratio enables it to easily perform many SDS max tasks, balancing strength and ease of use. This rotary hammer also features robust metal components for durability. Its strong motor enables the delivery of 12.5 J of impact energy for a fast drilling and chiselling progress.

Equipment & Application

This tool is intended for drilling up to 45 mm in diameter and medium chiselling work in concrete and stone. It is compatible with various dust attachments.

  • Perfect power-to-weight ratio for performing many SDS max tasks with strength and ease of use. 
  • Top performance when drilling and chiselling thanks to 1500-watt motor and 12.5 joules of single impact energy.
  • Low vibration of only 7 m/s² when chiselling and 8 m/s² when drilling due to intelligent triple vibration damping system.
  • Turbo Power function for extra performance in chiselling mode due to additional use of the energy used for rotation in drilling mode.
  • Long lifetime due to robust metal components.
  • Unique automatic switch lock for the best convenience in continuous chiselling applications.
  • Overload clutch to protect the user and the machine.
  • Soft start for clean drilling starts
  • Speed controller for optimum adjustment to suit the application.
  • Durable due to robust metal components. 

Additional Information

The GBH 8-45 DV Professional includes features such as Constant Speed, Restart Protection, Rotation Control Clutch, Speed Selection, and Vibration Control for effortless and continuous work in time- intensive applications.

  • Rated power input: 1.500 W
  • impact energy: 12.5 J
  • Impact rate at rated speed: 1.380 - 2.760 bpm
  • Rated speed: 0 - 305 rpm
  • Weight: 8.9 kg
  • Toolholder: SDS-max
  • Drilling diameter in concrete with hammer drill bits: 12 - 45 mm
  • Optimum range of applications in concrete with hammer drill bits: 20 - 40 mm
  • Drilling diameter in concrete with breakthrough drill bits: 80 mm
  • Drilling diameter in concrete with core cutters: 125 mm
  • Constant Electronic
  • Electronic
  • Overload clutch

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