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Make your gardening more productive and comfortable with the BH 900e battery backpack. This ergonomic power carrier allows you to move freely around the garden – and if runtime gets low simply switch to the second battery. The harness is designed to be used with any STIGA battery – so tools in the 7 and 5 Series can also be connected using the dummy battery accessory. Or, for maximum power, plug in two 48V 7.5Ah batteries.
  • Comfortable battery harness for effortless gardening
  • Doubles the power available while freeing the hand-held tool from the battery weight
  • Easy switch over from one battery to the other for uninterrupted runtime
  • Holds two STIGA ePower batteries of any amperage
  • Fully adjustable harness clips distribute the battery weight perfectly
  • Dummy battery accessory connects the harness to STIGA 7 or 5 Series tools

The BH 900e battery harness takes the battery weight away from the STIGA 9 Series hand-held tool, and distributes it evenly across your back instead. And by doubling the amount of power available, it helps make working sessions far more productive as well as comfortable. Thanks to the cushioned straps and harness clips, the ergonomic harness easily adjusts to fit your size, height and working position.

Whether you choose to use one battery or two, everything always feels balanced – freeing you up to concentrate on cutting, trimming or clearing vegetation away. You’re in full control of the power too.

The four green LEDs on the hand-held tool’s keypad panel displays the charge level of whichever battery is in use. So when one runs low, simply change to the other using the selector switch at the bottom of the backpack – without needing to take the harness off.

A pair of 48V 7.5Ah batteries are recommended for maximum power when using 900 Series hand-held tools. But as any ePower battery amperage fits the BH 900e, you could also plug in one of the 5 or 7 Series hand-held tools using the dummy battery accessory.


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