Berg Tandem Trailer -L (Orange)

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Turn your BERG Buddy and BERG Rally into a real work horse with the BERG Tandem Large Orange / Brown Tow Behind Trailer. This fun piece of kit is dual axle meaning 4 wheels and more omptimal ground contact. Also comes with a tipping function, which means you can drop your load wherever you please! Can hold a maximum load of 10kgs

A go-kart is even more fun in combination with a trailer. The BERG Trailer L is made for the BERG Buddy and Rally platform. The colour, the double wheels on both sides and the tipper function make this trailer unique. You will certainly stand out in the neighbourhood and you can easily take all your things with you. The trailer can easily be coupled and uncoupled to the go-kart. The BERG Tandem Trailer L has everything that you are looking for in a trailer!

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