BERG XXL B.Super Blue E-BFR-3

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"Would you like to drive around on a pedal-assisted go-kart? It's possible on a BERG E-Kart. The harder you pedal, the more assistance the motor will provide. A BERG E-Kart is absolutely the safest choice for children aged 6 and over and older.

E-BFR system
The abbreviation BFR stands for Brake (brake), Freewheel (freewheel) and Reverse (reverse). The BFR system has several advantages. This way you can drive forward and reverse with your go-kart immediately after coming to a standstill This is fully automatic, without having to shift gears.The back-pedal brake allows you to brake quickly and hard.
The E-Kart has a 250W E-Motor that offers pedal assistance. There are 4 different levels of support, ECO, TOUR, SPORT, and TURBO. You can drive around on this go-kart for at least 2-4 hours without having to charge the battery.

XXL frame
The XXL Frame has been developed so that everyone can enjoy a go-kart. This frame has been specially developed for tall people. The frame is 10 centimeters longer than the XL Frame and has 8 instead of 6 seat positions.

Innovative features
The BERG E-Kart comes together with the display. This display is illuminated and shows how fast you are driving, how much you have driven and how much battery is left. The 24V/240Wh battery is removable and therefore easy to charge.

Comfortable driving
BERG go-karts have various features that make it extra comfortable to drive around. To begin with, the go-karts have four pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires provide more grip on the road and make driving more enjoyable.
Pneumatic tires also give less rolling resistance than solid tires, so you can drive faster. The swing axle of the go-kart ensures that all four wheels always touch the ground, even on uneven terrain.

Easy to assemble
The BERG go-karts are very easy to assemble. The rear axles must be placed in the chain guard housing on the left and right. This can be done without opening the chain guard. The two bolts on both sides must then be tightened. Several components such as the seat, the wheels and the steering wheel still need to be attached, and you're done!"

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