Berg Buzzy Beatz GoKart

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Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG Buzzy Beatz is far more stable than any tricycle. And it’s just so safe! What’s more, your feet remain firmly on the pedals even round the tightest bends, because the pedals are not connected to the handlebars. This makes pedalling a lot easier and it feels like you’re flying above the pavement or tarmac and it goes backwards just as fast!

Do you love music? Then the Buzzy Beatz comes with a great soundbar for you. You can use this to record and play your favourite music. Maybe choose your own rap, which you can play over and over. The soundbar is built into the ergonomic handlebars, making it easy and safe to operate. Have you seen the new Buzzy Beatz design? The go-faster stripe makes it even faster. Cool EVA foam tyres ensure a silent ride and the saddle is adjustable, because of course you want your Buzzy to grow as you grow. The new Buzzy Beatz has even more handy features, the swing axle keeps your Buzzy stable at all times, even if you ride over a small bump. The Buzzy Beatz is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age.

  • • The tricycle with 4-wheel stability
  • • 4-wheel stability beats any tricycle
  • • Stable and safe with four wheels. Including a swing axle
  • • The pedals stay easily accessible while steering
  • • The handlebar won’t shoot out of your hands while pedalling
  • • Equipped with 9” EVA whisper tyres that never leak
  • • Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old
  • • Sleek and attractive design with an active seat
  • • The direct drive system makes pedalling intuitive, easy and fast
  • • Can ride both forwards and backwards
  • • The pedals stay easily accessible while steering
  • • Robust frame
  • • Stable and safe thanks to 4 wheels
  • • Adjustable saddle
  • • Handy and fun accessories available
  • • TÜV-approved
  • • CE-approved

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