Ambrogio PRO Line L350i Elite Robot Lawnmower (Please Contact for pricing)

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Attractive design and high technology 

The new L350i Elite can manage lawns up to 7.000 m² and work for seven consecutive hours, while maintaining high mowing performance. The touchscreen display makes programming simple and intuitive.The standard ZCS Connect module ensures safety and ease of use.   

  • 15Ah Powerful Lithium - ion Batteries 
  • 7h Continuous Cutting
  • High efficiency brushless motors
  • Manages up to 8 separate areas
  • Slopes up to 45%
  • Smart Partition Cutting System: The robot creates and stores virtual maps of the area to be mowed and remembers the working times used for each area. When the robot is working in an area that has not been mowed for some time, it cuts the grass with a spiral system overlapping with the random cutting.
  • Touch Screen Display

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