Ambrogio L250i Elite S+

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The new Ambrogio L250i Elite S+ combine the latest innovation and technology. The touchscreen display, advanced navigation systems and standard ZCS Connect module make the robots extremely efficient and innovative.

The L250i Elite S+ is designed to regularly mow and maintain areas up to 5000m²; that’s about an acre and a quarter. With GPS enhanced navigation, this smart little mower will maintain can complicated lawns, with plenty of spare time for you to enjoy your lawn. Even when mowing an acre it will leave your lawn free for 12 hours a day.

Max suggested (-20%) 5000
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V) 2X7.5Ah
Max allowable slope (%) 45%
Max Slope (%) 35%
Slope on the edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
Average Working Time [h] 07:00
Recharge mode Contact


Blade Type Solid Stainless Steel (4 Edged)
Cutting Width [cm] 29
Cutting Height (min-max) [mm] 25-70
Spiral Cutting Yes
“Smart Partitions” Zoning Yes
Self-Levelling Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Rain sensor Yes
Maximum managed areas 8


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