Oleo-Mac 947

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This powerful, lightweight cutter provides high torque even at low RPM and is ideal for any kind of agricultural use such as lopping, collecting firewood, felling and cutting up medium/ large sized trees. See features below.

Product Features 

  • Has a carburettor with compensator that keeps the air/fuel mixture ratio constant at all times. This means that the power supplied by the engine remains high and efficiency is unaltered, greatly facilitating the work of the operator.
  • The decompressor, 'Primer' and semi-automatic choke offer trouble-free starting under all conditions whilst the one piece handle/ grip section has been separated from the engine and ensures excellent manoeuvrability.
  • The filter cover can be opened without tools, whilst the nylon filter is self cleaning. The side chain tensioner makes maintenance as simple as possible.
  • Automatic and adjustable oil pump of aluminium construction ensures maximum long term durability and adaption of oil flow to the type of work in hand, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Technical Data 

Displacement 3.1 HP - 2.3 kW/45cm3
Weight 4.9KG
Bar length 41-46cm/ 16" - 18"
Chain (pitch x gauge) .325" x .058"
Oil pump Automatic/ adjustable
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.27 L/ 0.5L
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.27 L/ 0.5L