Oleo-Mac 746 T


This is a professional model designed for clearing thick grass, shrubs and undergrowth. See features tab below for more detail.

Product Features 

  • Engines provide high and linear torque even at low revolutions.
  • Steel crankshaft and pistons with 2 rings, diamond finished to guarantee maximum quality and consistency over time.
  • Equipped with digital coil and decompressor for easy starting in any conditions.
  • Paper air filter which provides excellent protection of the engine even in very dusty environments. This ensures extended maintenance intervals and increased durability.
  • Magnesium housing: ideal combination of lightweight and resistance to prolonged stress.
  • Equipped with professional anti-vibration system for superior shock absorption. Ideal for professional and prolonged use.
  • Equipped with ergonomic handgrips and professional adjustable harness.

Technical Data 

Displacement 2.5 HP - 1.8 kW/45.7 cm2
Weight 8.1KG
Tube diameter 32mm
Grip Handlebar
Clutch Yes
Fuel tank capacity 1.50 L

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