Safeline 5m aluminium telescopic ladder floor ladder multi-purpose ladder alloy conductor

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  • 【Adjustable Height】Multi-Purpose A-Frame Ladder, Adjustable from 3ft to 16.5ft. The added two rolling casters help you to easily carry this ladder. This Extension ladder can be used as A-Frame ladder 2.5m+2.5m or a 5m straight ladder for roof, attic stairs.
  • 【Extension & Retraction Design】Easily stored in everywhere, extends and gather rung by rung quickly and easily. This ladder can be stored in / under / behind the cabinet, under the bed, behind the door, or put on your car boot.
  • 【Premium Aluminum Ladder】Telescopic ladder is made of premium quality aluminum alloy, which is corrosion resistant, rust resistant, and long service life. Manufactured to the highest standard, this telescopic ladder conforms to EN131 standards. The max load capacity of the telescopic ladder is up to 150kg / 330lbs. Net weight about 18.2kg/40lbs.
  • 【Safe to Use】High quality rubber feet for extra stability and grip and stable locking key between two neighbouring steps to avoid bumping and friction. Come with a stabiliser bar to make it more stable. With rolling casters, easy to move.
  • 【Multi Purpose】 This extending ladder is perfect for indoor housework and outdoor activities, such as home/building maintenance, gutters cleaning, window cleaning, replacing light bulbs, garden work, indoor/outdoor decoration, painting walls, cleaning motorhome roof, and so on.
  • 【How to Use】Easy to extend and retract, when you extend, pull up a section, hear a "click" sound, confirm that the left and right locks are in place; To retract, please unlock the it from down to top, rung by rung, do not put your hands on the "step" to avoid pinching hands. If you want to use it as a short ladder, please extend the rungs from the top and keep the down rungs retracted.
  • 【Install Stabilizer Bar】Remove the plastic bridges in the slot with tools, then insert the Stabilizer Bar into the slot, insert the screw and tighten the nut.


-Adjustable Height: Compacting from handy 3ft to 16.5ft (86cm to 5M), easy to extend and retract with storage straps, convenient to use, store and carry around.

-Independent Locking: Separate locking bottoms on rungs 2 to 15. The independent locks allow user to adjust the height of the ladder to specific requirements such as repairing ceiling lights, hanging picture frames, and painting walls.

-This extension ladder constructed with durable and sturdy lightweight aluminum alloy metal to ensure capacity of 150kg / 330 pounds.

-Telescoping Ladder Extends to 5m, and it’s equipped with a locking feature which locks at every step using two steel locking pins that automatically spring into place when the ladder is opened (extended) to ensure you climb safely.

-Lightweight and compact size, easy to transport and store; a heavy duty closure strap secures the ladder firmly, easy to carry. Great for Home/Building maintenance, Window Cleaning, Gutters Cleaning, Exterior/Interior Decorating, Wall Painting and so on.

Rungs: 2 x 8
Closed Length: 93cm(36.6 ")
Fully extended Length: 5m
Herringbone length: 2.5m (A frame ladder)
Step spacing: 29cm/11.4 "
Net Weight: 18.5 kg (40lbs)
Max Load 150kg/330lb
Package box size: 96 x 47 x 17 cm

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