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AL-KO LSV 550/6 Electric Vertical Logsplitter 3000w / 6 Ton

The LSV 550/6 vertical electric log splitter is designed for the homeowner who has large quantities of wood to split.

The 6-tonne splitting force enables the LSV 550/6 to split logs up to 55cm in length and 30cm wide effortlessly. The wide splitting table, steel log retaining arms and two hand operation make operating the log splitter safe and comfortable.

The sturdy steel body of the log splitter is powder coated to provide protection against rust for a long life.

Features AL-KO LSV 550/6 Electric Vertical Logsplitter 3000w / 6 Ton:

* Double Activated Switches - Increases user safety by only allowing the unit to operate if both switches are simultaneously depressed.

* Transport Wheels - The new wide tyres on the horizontal AL-KO Wood Splitters ensure easy transportation even on uneven terrain, eg concrete, tarmac and lawns.

The AL-KO LSV 550/6 wood splitter from AL-KO splits pieces of wood with a length of up to 55 cm. It achieves a maximum splitting force of 6.0T. Due to the solid construction and the use of high quality materials, the weight of the AL-KO LSV 550/6 wood splitter is approx. 97 kg.

The vertical log splitter is operated via a 230 volt connection (mains operation) and achieves a power output of 2,700 watts. The high-quality hydraulic pump enables constant performance at maximum pressure. Thanks to the stable wide wheels, the log splitter can be easily transported even on uneven surfaces. The large footprint ensures a firm footing.

Despite the two-hand safety controls and the associated risk reduction, we recommend that you wear safety shoes, safety glasses and gloves when operating the splitter. When operating, make sure to place the log splitter on a firm, straight surface.

Specification AL-KO LSV 550/6 Electric Vertical Logsplitter 3000w / 6 Ton:
Motor: 230V
Power: 3000W
Max Split Force: 6 Tonne
Max Split Length: 55cm
Max Split Width: 30cm
Cable Length: 6 metres
Dimensions: 85 x 94 x 150cm
Weight: 110kg

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