RM 2.1 R -18" Push Mulcher - Steel

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Shredding steel frame lawn mower. The grass is shredded into small shreds, thus restoring valuable nutrients and moisture to the lawn. The perfect lawn mower for up to 1,500 m2 of green space. Quick-Fix with quick release clamps, which makes adjusting and folding the handle really quick and easy. The mower has a new ReadyStart engine for easy starting.

Standard equipment

  • Shaft-specific cutting height adjustmentZoom
    Shaft-specific cutting height adjustment

    Adjust the cutting height separately for the front and rear axles. The axles can also be set to different heights, so you can easily get the cutting height that suits the needs of the terrain.

  • BiobladeZoom

    With the help of a special bio-blade, the mower crushes the cut grass into very fine shreds, which are then returned to the lawn. In this way, the lawn regains valuable nutrients and moisture.

  • Rigid frameZoom
    Rigid frame

    Robust: the steel sheet metal frame is very durable, the frame structure withstands even the toughest working conditions. The handle is firmly connected to the mower body, which makes the mower easy to control

  • Carrying handleZoom
    Carrying handle

    Two handles are integrated into the machine frame, which makes it much easier to move, clean and transport the machine.

  • Frictionless ball-bearing wheelsZoom
    Frictionless ball-bearing wheels

    Really smoothly rotating double ball bearing wheels are very robust, offer high riding comfort and are long lasting.

  • QuickFix quick release clampsZoom
    QuickFix quick release clamps

    With the help of intelligent quick-release clamps, folding the tiller to the transport / storage position and back to the operating position is very easy and fast. Everything is taken care of without tools.

  • ReadyStart engineZoom
    ReadyStart engine

    The engine starts with a light pull of the starter rope, regardless of the temperature - the drinker adjusts automatically

Technical information

Technical information Value
Vibration level K m / s² 3.16
Sound power LWA dB (A) 92
Tolerance sound pressure level Kpa dB (A) 2
Vibration level ahw m / s² 7.9
Weight kg 24
Cutting width cm 46
Capacity cm³ 139
Engine power at working speed 1.6 kW / 2.2 hp
CO2 g / kWh 922
RPM 1 / min 2,800
Cutting height e.g. 28-85
Power 2.1 kW / 2.8 hk
Engine type EVC 200.2

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