Oleo Mac BV 901 Backpack Blower

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The powerful new BV 901 blower is designed to provide the maximum operator comfort and optimal performance in accordance with the working situation: clearing of urban spaces or, in agriculture, as an aid when gathering olives, fruit or other freshly fallen produce.

Ergonomically designed down to the smallest details

• The backpack is designed to restrict weight and machine oscillation in order to minimise vibrations transmitted to the operator.
• The controls are readily accessible and the control handle can be easily adjustedin accordance with operator stature.

Main features

• 2-stroke 5 HP engine with recoil starting.
• High performance in terms of air flow (27 m³/min) and air speed (90 m/sec) to allow rapid and efficient clearing and collection operations irrespective of ground conditions.
• Lightweight corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium frame.
• Fixed throttle lever positioning to set engine rpm in compliance with working requirements.
• Large high-capacity long-life paper air cleaner for all types of working environments, even with very high dust levels.
• Two air delivery nozzles supplied as standardrectangular and round section, both equipped with hemispherical support so the tube can rest on the
ground on level terrain to reduce operator fatigue.
• All screws on the machine share the same type of head so all servicing tasks can be carried out using a single wrench.


Displacement -77 cm³
Max air speed- 90 m/sec (with terminal)
Power- 5.0 HP - 3.6 kW
Max. air volume- 27.3 m³/min - 1645 m³/h
Fuel mixture tank capacity- 2.3 L
Sound pressure/power level- 103/105 dB(A)
Lh/rh vibration level- < 2.5 m/s²
Dry weight, without blower tube- 10.4 kg

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