STIHL FSA 200 Grass Trimmer- Bike handle ( body only)

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The STIHL FSA 200 R is expertly crafted for efficient grass and brush mowing in gardens and green spaces. Its quiet operation makes it especially well-suited for tasks in noise-sensitive areas, earning it a strong recommendation for municipalities and landscaping professionals. With a robust and durable design, this trimmer delivers outstanding cutting performance, ensuring reliable results. Additionally, it prioritises user comfort during operation, making it an ideal choice for a variety of landscaping applications.

Additional Details:

The STIHL FSA 200 R brush cutter is designed for practicality, especially in hard-to-reach spaces. The adjustable round handle ensures easy manoeuvrability, even in narrow or challenging areas, without the need for tools. A guard bar adds an extra layer of safety, preventing feet and legs from getting too close to the blades during operation.

With a robust EC motor (1.6 kW mechanical power) and a substantial cutting diameter (450 mm wired), the FSA 200 R delivers excellent cutting performance and high output. It accommodates various cutting tools depending on the application and is supplied with the AutoCut C 26-2 mower head.

Battery life optimisation is achieved through three speed levels, conveniently adjustable via the LED display on the control handle, catering to different applications and desired rotation speeds. The speed can be continuously adjusted during work, and the brush cutter intelligently detects the mounted cutting tool at speed 3, automatically adjusting its rotation speed.

Operating quietly and not requiring hearing protection (depending on the cutting tool), the FSA 200 R is suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas. Comfort is prioritised with a professional anti-vibration system, ensuring a balanced machine and a simple harness (included) for fatigue-free work.

Rain poses no hindrance as the FSA 200 R, like all AP SYSTEM battery-powered devices designed for professional applications, meets the IPX4 standard, making it resistant to splashing water. With the recommended AP 500 S battery, it offers an autonomy of 48 minutes (with a wire mower head).

For enhanced convenience, the FSA 200 R is STIHL connected, featuring a dedicated location for the 2 A Smart Connector (available as an accessory) on the machine casing.

Round Handle with Protective Bar:

Adjustable without tools, the round handle provides excellent maneuverability in confined spaces. The integrated guard bar prevents feet and legs from getting too close to the blades or mower heads during operation, ensuring safety.

Stihl Anti-Vibration System:

Designed for effortless mowing of large areas, the ergonomic handlebar supports the natural movement of the mower head, allowing for quick and efficient mowing. The handlebar is easily adjustable and lockable for added convenience.

Battery Compartment in the Engine Crankcase:

The device allows for direct insertion of the Stihl AP SYSTEM battery into the engine housing. This design enhances mobility and flexibility during work, ensuring a direct power supply to the battery-powered device.

Charge Level LED Indicator:

For efficient planning, the touch-sensitive LED charging status indicator provides real-time information about the remaining battery life. This feature allows users to plan working hours effectively and charge the battery in a timely manner.

EC Motor:

Integrated into the Stihl connected system, the device is compatible with the Smart Connector. This connectivity feature enables the brush cutter to be seamlessly integrated into the Stihl connected system. After attaching the Smart Connector and initial commissioning, it records the operating hours of the device, transmitting them via Bluetooth to the Stihl connected app. The application not only displays operating times but also provides an overview of all necessary maintenance operations, ensuring that important maintenance tasks are not overlooked and that the device is always ready for use.

Technical Specifications

Nominal voltage: 36V

Weight: 4.8 kg 1 )

Sound pressure level: 80 dB(A) 2 )

Sound power level 94: dB(A) 2 )

Left side vibration rate: 3.8 m/s² 3 )

Right side vibration rate: 3 m/s² 3 )

Left side vibration rate: 4.3 m/s²

Right side vibration rate: 3.1 m/s²

Overall length: 180cm 4 )

Cutting circle diameter: 450mm

Standard cutting tool: AutoCut C 26-2 mowing head

Recommended battery: AP500S

Battery technology: Lithium ion

Battery operating time with AP 200 up to 32 mins 5 )

Battery operating time with AP 200 (2) up to 20 mins 6 )

Battery operating time with AP 300 S up to 60 mins 5 )

Battery operating time with AP 300 S (2) up to 32 mins 5 )

Battery operating time with AP 500 S 70 mins

Battery operating time with AP 500 S (2) 40 mins

Battery operating time with AR 2000 L up to 210 min 7 )

Battery operating time with AR 2000 L (2) up to 120 min 5 )

Battery operating time with AR 3000 L up to 315 min 5 )

Battery operating time with AR 3000 L (2) up to 180 min 5 )

Lithium-Ion range AP SYSTEM

Battery operating time with AP 300 S (3) up to 30 min 5 )

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