Stihl SHA 56 Vacuum / Shredder - Body only

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With the practical STIHL SHA 56 cordless vacuum shredder, you can choose to vacuum and shred or blow leaves. The combination tool from the STIHL AK system offers three functions in one.

With the STIHL SHA 56 cordless leaf vacuum, users can efficiently blow away leaves, paper and other blown material from smaller areas around the house . You can also suck up leaves and hedge trimming cut and chop directly in the device .

Users can even pick up leaves for chopping in stone beds or on gravel paths. The extra large diameter of the fan wheel opening is easily accessible so that you can easily clean it. With the conical blowpipe you can easily slide over hard surfaces 


Technical Specifications-

  • Battery:- Lithium-Ion AK-System
  • Air speed:- 56 m/s
  • Rated voltage:- 36 V
  • Driving type:- Battery
  • Sound pressure level:- 84 dB(A)
  • Sound power level:- 94 dB(A)
  • Blowing force:- 8 N
  • Vacuum bag:- 40 l
  • Air flow rate:- 510 – 560 m³/h
  • Cutting tool:- Grass cutting blade 260-2
  • Function:- Suction and blowing mode

(Battery & Charger not included)

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