Honda UMK425 ELE Brushcutter

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Featuring the new ultra-efficient and quiet GX25 engine, our 25cc brushcutters are easy-to-use, robust and lightweight,delivering a heavyweight performance to tackle the heavy undergrowth that mowers cant cut. Using your brushcutter is easier and more comfortable than ever thanks to improved ergonimics and lower emissions. The new UMK 425 ELE has a D-loop handle for ease of use. A comfort harness and protective googles are included. You can choose to fit one of our range of blades or nylon spool.

Handle design - D- loop with barrier bar
Maximum power output - 1.0hp/ 7000rpm
Maximum torque - null
Fuel capacity - 0.55 litres
Oil capacity - 0.08 litre
Engine - GX25 mini 4- stroke
Starter mechanism - Recoil
Dry weight - 5.2kg
Sound pressure(db(A)) - 110
Vibration(m/sec2) - 3.1 - 8.9

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