Pyramid Patio Heater (RCPYRAMID)

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Our beautifully designed pyramid patio heater creates ambience as well as warmth and comfort when inviting guests to join you outdoors at home. It has a heat output of 11Kw, its heat settings are variable, so you can adjust the output to suit your requirements. 

This pyramid heater is a generous size of 225cm by 50cm by 50cm. Providing spectacular views of the dancing flame inside a glass tubing, height 127.8cm diameter 10 cm. The heater will provide both heat and decorative lighting. 

The quick functioning electronic igniter allows for easy use. The broad base significantly lowers the risk of tipping. A wide side panel door permits you to change your 20lb propane bottle with the least amount of effort. 

Our pyramid patio heater has a safety grid surrounding the flame tube. 

Enjoy this beautiful garden feature late into the summer nights and the early dusk of Autumn and Spring. 


Includes Regulator & Hose!


Additional Info

Outside Dimension 460mm
Material 201 stainless steel
Height 2250mm
Reflector 460*460mm (aluminum, one-piece)
Glass tube φ100mm*1278mm (L)
Protective guard mesh 150*330*1210mm, 4pcs, chroming
Upper support 1300mm (L), aluminum
Lower support 950mm (L), aluminum
Door sheet 345mm*465*860mm, 4pcs, ss
Base dimensions 500x500mm, ss

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