STIHL KMA 120R Kombi Powerhead ( body only)

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Introducing the STIHL Cordless Kombi Powerhead KMA 120 R. A robust and potent cordless combination motor with adjustable speed and an ergonomic all-round handle. This versatile tool is designed for various outdoor tasks, offering power and flexibility for efficient garden and landscape maintenance.

Additional Details:

The versatile STIHL KMA 120 R cordless combination motor is an efficient companion for both professional garden and landscape maintenance and demanding private tasks. Renowned for its impressive performance and efficiency, this motor seamlessly integrates with various combination tools within the STIHL KombiSystem.

Experience seamless attachment changes with the quick coupling and toggle screw interface, allowing you to connect the required tool to the shaft swiftly. The all-round handle provides exceptional flexibility, enabling easy navigation between trees, bushes, and narrow spaces. Achieve an ergonomic working posture by adjusting the handle to your body size effortlessly, thanks to the quick-release system. Additionally, the step limiter offers easy attachment and removal as needed.

The powerful and remarkably quiet EC motor allows you to work without the need for hearing protection, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments like residential gardens or areas around schools, hospitals, and parks. The integrated variable speed control with two levels, conveniently located in the operating handle, offers flexibility. Opt for ECO mode (level 1) for lighter applications, reducing energy consumption and extending battery life. Switch to level 2 for full speed, perfect for tasks like using the STIHL RG-KM rotary shear. Depending on the application, you can also adjust the speed continuously.

The lightweight design of the STIHL KMA 120 R ensures comfort during extended operations. Attach the optional double shoulder strap to the rotating hanging loop for added comfort during prolonged use. Safeguard the battery and gain an extra handle with the optional STIHL stand.

Explore the runtime and charging details in our comprehensive overview of STIHL battery specifications. All cordless tools within the STIHL AP system are meticulously crafted for professional applications, ensuring reliable performance even in adverse weather conditions. Rigorously tested for splash water protection based on the IPX4 standard, these tools are built to withstand various challenges. Elevate your outdoor tasks with the versatile and powerful STIHL KMA 120 R cordless combination motor.

All-Round Grip with Step Limiter

  • Ensure safe working in confined spaces with the all-round handle, providing easy manoeuvrability for your device. The step limiter adds an extra layer of protection, preventing your feet and legs from coming too close to blades or mower heads during operation.

One-Hand Multifunctional Handle with Speed Adjustment

  • The one-hand multifunctional handle with speed adjustment on this device allows for easy and quick adjustments to match your specific work requirements. Lower speeds help reduce energy consumption, leading to an extended battery life. The convenient operating handle with speed regulation enables you to make necessary adjustments without changing your grip or interrupting your work, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Socket for Connection Cable

  • The cordless tool features a socket that enables you to connect a STIHL battery from the AP system using an external cable. This provides you with the flexibility to use either a backpack battery or a battery belt equipped with a carrying strap. This setup allows for a reduction in the weight you carry in your hand during operation, enhancing comfort and manoeuvrability.

EC Motor

  • Efficient and Low-Maintenance.The EC motor's compact design, lightweight construction, and high efficiency enable energy-efficient work. Additionally, this motor boasts an extended service life for durability and reliability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal voltage:36V
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Battery life: with AP 200 up to 25 minutes
  • Battery life with: AP 300 S up to 40 minutes
  • Battery system: AP

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