Loncin LC25ZB21 - 1.2Q 1" Water Pump

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This Loncin small fresh water pump comes with a Loncin 1.6HP petrol engine which is both reliable and durable and has a maximum flow rate of 133 litres of water per minute. The body of this pump is constructed from an aluminium alloy which is lightweight but strong and corrosion resistant, making it suitable for pumping sea water and other light corrosive liquids. The engine fitted is 97cc which has a low oil level alarm, this helps prevents damage to the engine when oil levels are low.High quality ceramic sealing is used to make sure no water can get in, vital in a water pump. This pump is ideal for situations where high flows are not required but the convenience of a small pump is. The impeller which drives the fluid out is made from an aluminium alloy.

The engine has OHV technology which is very economical, provides smoother performance and is environmentally friendly. This model is perfect for larger-scale domestic use, as well as on farms and small construction sites. The low vibration system has reduced vibration for lower noise and more efficient use. 
The pump is able to pump water to a head of 26 meters and a suction head of 8 meters. Being light and compact this pump is highly portable.

Comes complete with all fittings to connect to suction and delivery hoses. 


Loncin LC152F


Maximum Head
21 M

Delivery Diameter

Suction Head

Fuel Tank Capacity
1.4 litres

Dimensions (mm)
L380 x W300 x H370

Engine Power
1.2kW / 1.6hp

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