EGO HC2240T Battery - 40Ah w/ IOT (2P 2240Wh)

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EGO HC2240T Battery - 40Ah w/ IOT (2P 2240Wh)

Ego 40Ah High Capacity Battery. This can power the EGO PGX Power Bank for on-site rapid charging of all EGO ARC LithiumTM portable batteries.

Fast Charging with EGO PGX Power Bank: The HC2240T Battery is designed to power the EGO PGX Power Bank, allowing you to efficiently recharge all EGO ARC Lithium portable batteries directly in the field.

Built-in remaining battery indicator: Easily check the remaining battery charge with the built-in indicator. This intuitive feature allows you to monitor your remaining energy level, ensuring you're always ready for any challenge.

Side Interface Lock: Ensures secure attachment to the charger with the side interface lock.

Bluetooth IoT Enabled: Take advantage of Bluetooth IoT connectivity to transmit data, monitor status and have complete control over your battery. Access real-time information, optimize performance and manage maintenance intelligently.

Integrated Folding Handle: The convenient integrated folding handle makes carrying the HC2240T battery easy. Simplify your work operations and ensure you always have reliable power on hand.

With the 40Ah HC2240T Battery, EGO Power offers a cutting-edge solution for your power needs. Rely on cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal performance and maximize the efficiency of your equipment.

* Fuel Gauge shows remaining battery charge.
* Side interface locking for secure attachment to the charger.
* IoT Bluetooth enabled to relay data, monitor status and control.
* Integrated folding handle.
* (Charges up to 8 5 Ah batteries in 30 minutes)

Specification EGO HC2240T Battery - 40Ah w/ IOT (2P 2240Wh)
* Voltage (V) : 56 V
* Battery Power Type : Lithium-ion
* Max. Continuous Discharge Current (A) : 80 A
* Battery Energy : 2,240 W
* Battery Configuration : 16S2P
* Number Of Battery Cells : 32
* WIFI Connection : No
* Imcompatible Charger : Commercial charging system
* Battery Weight (g) : 17700
Barcode / EAN: 4894863102607 See how much you could save using EGO Cordless Tools - Power Beyond BeliefEGO Cordless Tools - Power Beyond Belief
Approximate Run Times for EGO Batteries
Approximate Run Times for EGO Batteries for use as a guide only. Other factors may affect run times.

EGO Garden Machinery from Mower Magic
The world is changing, fast. Our whole society is moving away from fossil fuels and adopting cleaner, greener energy. It’s why we believe it’s time for a new, smarter way to power through gardening and landscaping tasks.

EGO Power+ delivers petrol-matching power, just without the noise, fuss or fumes. EGO’s industry-leading Arc Lithium 56v battery technology delivers a new level of performance, giving you the dependable power you need to keep working hard until the job’s done.

Comfortable to use, with impressive run times and fast recharge it offers the ultimate in convenience. There are no trips to the petrol station for fuel and no more storing highly flammable liquids.

Designed from the ground up to deliver petrol-matching performance, the EGO Power+ Arc Lithium 56v battery has an innovative design to maximise battery cooling. Unlike conventional brick shaped batteries where the cells are packed together, overheat and shut down, our unique Arc design dissipates heat more effectively.

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