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The Predator 24" Trowel guarantees high-quality and excellent performance!


-Our Predator 24 inch Power Float has a precision engineered gearbox.

-Honda GX160 engine. 

-Fully adjustable spider arms, standard blades & pans. 

-The set screw control unit allows for exact blade adjustment. 

-Safe operation due to safe hold and release handle- simply hold to keep machine going and release in order for it to turn off. 

-Compact design with its easily folded handle- this allows for easy transport and storage. 

-Throttle lever is located on the handle. 

-The plastic belt cover protects the machine from sand, soil and dust entering. This ensures a longer life span for both the engine and the clutch. 

Engine Type Honda GX160
Weight 5kg
Trowel Speed 50-100 r.p.m
Max. Power Output 4(5.5) kW(PS)
Dimensions (L) 1000
Dimensions (W) 600
Dimensions (H) 600
Trowel Dia 610mm
Blade Size (L) 255mm
Blade Size (W) 125mm
Blade Size (H) 1.5mm

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