Stihl HT 135 - High Performance Professional Pruner

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The STIHL HT 135 is a powerful telescopic pole pruner with a lightweight magnesium gearbox, ideal for professional tree care and maintenance. Efficiently prune trees or remove dead wood, branches and storm damage.

Low emissions and a manual fuel pump work in conjunction with the automatic decompression to make sure the engine starts quickly and easily. Powerful, high torque 4-MIX engine. The light and robust magnesium gearbox in the cutting head makes working over a long period energy efficient.

A branch hook is attached to the magnesium housing and lateral chip ejection on the gearbox prevents clogging. Sprocket cover with dipstick can be used for positioning the pole pruner during work.

A 1:1 oil tank to petrol tank ratio means chain oil does not need to be added in-between tanks of fuel. Handling the HT 135 is both safe and comfortable as well. The engine is controlled via the multi-functional handle.

STIHL anti-vibration system also helps to relieve muscles and joints. With a rigid, adjustable telescopic shaft that can be quickly adjusted for different working heights or transportation, the pole pruner has a total length of 270 cm – 390 cm and can cut branches up to a height of 5 m. For maximum cutting performance, you can use the STIHL HT 135 petrol pole pruner with a ¼”P or a 3/8”P cutting attachment. 

Technical data Value
Vibration level left/right m/s² 1) 4.3/4.8
Capacity cm3 36.3
Performance kW 1.4
Weight kg 2) 7.9
Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 92
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 109
CO2 g/kWh 845
Total length (max) cm 4) 390
EPA Certified fuel consumption glh 0.202
Carburettor Standard carburettor / limiter caps
Anti vibration system Standard AV-System
Standard Saw chain 1/4" P PM3
Chain pitch 1/4"P
Filter Paper filter
Oil tank volume cm3 220

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